The Difference a Cuff Can Make

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

I remember growing up in the 1980s and 1990s and I have to say, jeans have come a long way since then. I remember when we were in middle school, the cool thing we used to do with our jeans was tighten them and cuff them to create this Tom Cruise, cool look.  If we weren’t doing this cuff technique, we (women) were cutting our pants into shorts and cuffing them and even writing over them to create the Salt-N-Pepper, urban girl look.  My, my, my times have changed.  I remember a time when I was cool but now I’m simply a “M-O-M”. Argh.

Ok, enough of my midlife crisis and on to my point in this blog. I work with denim often and not only am I often confused when men ask me what cut will look great on them; but, I’m equally baffled when I go to look at my supply and see every type of cut you can think of.  Slim, Slimmy, Straight, Straight Slimmy, Tapered, Tailored, Slouchy – I’m about to pull all of my hair out now as I type!  I’m not going to confuse you with this blog by  discussing the types of fits that men have to choose from.  Instead, I’m going to keep it basic.  I want to talk to you about this trend that I think is making its way back around – at least with the guys.  Most men typically put on jeans and have them tailored if necessary or let them “sag” according to their fashion needs.  However, one trend that is making its way back is this cuffed jean look.  In the past, jeans typically came already cuffed – sewn into a cuff by the designer.  However, you now have the option of buying a jean as is and cuffing them.  I’m not saying that jeans couldn’t be cuffed before, but nowadays, designers are sewing unique patterns on the inside of the jean so that when people cuff them, it looks like it is intentional.  Take for instance these PRPS below.  These can be worn regularly like in the first photo but they can also be cuffed like in the second photo.  I personally think that when you do cuff a jean, a cool white bottom shoe like the Gucci shoe below or even an old school Adidas shell toe can really draw attention to your “lower extremities” accentuating your jean fashion sense.


So next time you are having a fashion crisis and you are pressed for time to shop, consider taking those old jeans of yours and doing something new with them, like cuffing them.  Also, keep in mind when you are shopping for jeans that if you do like to cuff your jeans, look at the designer’s outer seam to see if they have incorporated a design pattern that allows for you to easily create this unique cuff look as seen above.

Photo taken by Mel.


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