ATLANTA – Written by Mel

Salt peanuts

Salt peanuts

Salt peanuts


Salt peanuts

Salt peanuts

Salt peanuts


I know you are probably wondering why I am babbling on about Salt Peanuts.  However, this is what comes to mind when I look at the photo on this t-shirt.  There is a new line of clothing called Rosser Riddle and it showcases Jazz legends on the front of the t-shirts.  When I looked at this one and saw the late, great Dizzy Gillespie, his jazz tune lyrics came to mind – “Salt Peanuts.”

As you may know from a previous post, I am advocating that Atlanta start its own style for men which I am now calling urban eclectic to describe the types of styles that I see on the fellows here.  Atlanta is the more urban area of Georgia and because of the variety of people and styles that have culminated in this place, it has created an eclectic flair; hence, the style urban eclectic.  As I stared at this photo on this shirt, I thought about the many entertainers that reside here and was inspired to blend a little old with the new.  It started with the Rosser Riddle t-shirt and because of the black and white photo on the front of the shirt, I decided to add gray Jbrand jeans; but, dark black slim fit Nudie jeans could have worked well, too.  I noticed the outer seam on these Jbrand jeans has a simple design on the interior so cuffing them would bring more dimension to the outfit.

As I stared at the two items together, I started thinking about the 1990s rapper Guru and his coining of the phrase “Jazzamatazz” for one of his rap albums. His rap lyrics aligned with old school jazz inspired me to grab a few more items to complete this outfit.   As I kept in mind the urban chic northern man and the debonair southern man that creates the Atlanta urban eclectic style, I decided to opt for this hat by Goorin Brothers and this new classy boot by Saks Fifth Avenue which can be transformed from a boot to a classy wing-tipped shoe with a simple change in outfits.  Voila! We have grays and blacks and a variety of fabrics to create this urban eclectic look all inspired by a little of Dizzy Gillespie and a little bit of Guru.

Main photo taken by Mel.

Salt Peanuts lyrics obtained from Metro Lyrics website http://bit.ly/1uRxSQ2.


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