Salute to the 21st Century Homo Sapien Sapien

ATLANTA – Written by Mel
Several millennia ago, it is believed that there emerged from ape ancestry a superior species known as Homo Sapien Sapien. He was the hunter-gatherer type – seeking his prey using his manual prowess and his tools. Since the ascent of this species, later renamed man, he has invented and reinvented himself over the millennia to become one of the most prominent beings in the 21st century. Still unfettered and unchallenged, man still continues to dominate the world scene, especially in the fashion world. This blog is a dedication to the Ascent of Man – from homo erectus to the 21st century trendsetter. It will highlight what a well put together, fashionable 21st century man will need to “prepare for the hunt.”


Bond Creed
Ok guys, the first and most important thing to wear is cologne so I suggest you start with one of these fascinating scents, Bond No. 9 or Creed Green Irish Tweed.

Versace underwear

Saks Fifth Avenue Underwear


After you have put on your scent of choice, it only makes sense to choose some comfortable underwear. If you are brief man opt for these by Versace or if you are a boxer man, these by Saks Fifth Avenue will do. Don’t forget to put on some socks like these by Falke. I suggest a conservative blue, black or gray; however, there are many color options available.

Saks Fifth Avenue Shirt
Next put on a shirt like this one by Saks Fifth Avenue. I thought this lavender would be a good choice for the suit below but you can opt for a white one if you want to be more traditional.

Corneliani Suit
Next is your suit of armor. This attire distinguishes you from your homo sapien sapien ancestor who opted to go out and hunt in the nude; but, that’s not a wise decision in this modern age. A better choice that will keep you out of trouble with the traditional police and even the fashion police is a suit like this one by Corneliani.


Salvatore Ferragamo Shoe

Again, homo sapien sapien would have marveled for hours staring at a shoe – as a matter he would have marveled at all these items known as clothing. However, others can marvel at you with your fresh pair of Salvatore Ferragamo captoe shoes.


Salvatore Ferragamo Belt

To keep your britches in place; or simply to show a little style, match your belt up with your shoes with this Salvatore Ferragamo belt.


Movado Watch
Keep it moving – literally – with this Movado (translates into “always in motion”) watch.

Salvatore Ferragamo wallet

Wild Bill Hickcock was notorious for challenging his opponent to a dual and pulling out his gun quickly. You can imitate his motions by pulling out this chic Salvatore Ferragamo wallet.

Salvatore Ferragamo Briefcase

If you think shoes and clothing would be baffling to homo sapien sapien, imagine his response to a briefcase. Well, I know what most would say about your Salvatore Ferragamo briefcase – sophisticated, intelligent, and in control.


Gucci Sunglasses
Now you could stop preparing for “the hunt” at the briefcase above; but, if you love the “thrill of the kill” then opt for this stunning pair of Gucci shades that will have everyone swooning over your dashing good looks.


Gucci Scarf
Take it a step further and throw this Gucci scarf around your shoulders, particularly during cooler months, to keep your “cool” intact.

Mont Blanc Pen

Now, this is definitely and add-on but without saying one word, pulling out this writing instrument by Mont Blanc will have everyone awestruck.

Now you are ready for the hunt. Go out and find your prey 21st century Homo Sapien Sapien!

Ascent of man photo courtesy of

Fashion photos by Mel


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