Georgia Country Fashion Finds

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

So, remember when I introduced this new blog segment, I told you that after my trip to a Mississippi rodeo some few years ago, all of a sudden, I started noticing all kinds of country stuff that I didn’t notice before. Well, let me add to that list a store right down the street from me selling cowboy boots and apparel. I see you shaking your head but I didn’t notice this store either but it was sitting right there for years unbeknownst to me. So with that in mind, I decided to stop drowning in my world of oblivion to all things country and instead I’ve opted to go out and actively seek those things that are country –or at least country-inspired. Because I am a men’s fashion consultant, I decided to start with clothing because I am around it quite frequently. I started putting together country-inspired pieces. I didn’t have cowboy hats or cowboy boots to select from but I think that these pieces are still some good options for the ‘country and eastern’ cowboy.

photo 1

I started with this one because it was the most noticeably country thing I could find in my store. Cowboy shirts are making their way back ‘round in the world of fashion. Here is a neat one made by Dsquared.

Robert Graham and True ReligionWalkover Boots

Next are a couple of good options for the ‘country and eastern’ man. One thing I noticed about country apparel is that it has more color and liveliness than average sports or dress shirts. I love Robert Graham shirts because they embody that same liveliness but they are not over the top. I think these shirts are phenomenal for the ‘country and eastern’ cowboy. His product takes the simple man’s dress shirt and gives it a little pizazz. Next, I chose these jeans by True Religion for their very defined threading on the pocket of the jean and because of its classic stone washed look. Not only do they look great but this pair of Ricky Relaxed Straight leg jeans has the durability and agility necessary for the rough rider. I know the cowboy boot rules but if you want to take a break from the cowboy boot and get something that is just as dignified, try these boots by Walkover. They may not be cowboy boots but they have an all-American heritage, dating back to the 1750s, infusing similar quality and craftsmanship that goes into cowboy boot-making and guess what – they are still made in the U.S.A.

VersaceSaks Fifth Avenue Boots

I thought this ensemble was a great look for the ‘country and eastern’ man who wants to show his country roots but jazz up his style with a nice sports coat like this one by Versace. The ornate gold trim spans the shoulder area and continues on the back of the coat. I also added this white dress shirt also by Versace which has a leather collar. This belt by Diesel has a bear-shaped design for the buckle perfect for the rugged outdoorsman. Again I chose another pair of True Religion jeans but this one has a more toned down thread for those that want a great design but not the intricacy that the other pair provides. It also doesn’t have a pocket flap. Top this outfit off with some great leather cowboy boots or opt for these Saks Fifth Avenue Brand black leather boots.

Main photo courtesy of Erik Hinote photography website
Fashion photos taken by Mel.


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