Country Fashion Accoutrements

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

So as you may know by now, I’m embracing my inner cow girl by opening my mind to country life.  As I stated in a previous blog, I attended a real, live rodeo in Mississippi a few years back and it was an eye opening experience.  I have only seen cowboys in old Clint Eastwood and John Wayne movies so to see real, live ones roping cows and horses in the 21st century was very shocking to me.

You will be proud to know that I have not only found a few country hangouts near my home but I’m even listening to more country music.  I’ve even picked up the latest copy of” Cowboys and Indians” magazine.  The more I learn, the more I find that country embraces not only rural United States but also rural areas throughout the world.  Country music transforms into folk music as it moves out of the United States into other remote areas of the world.  Ironically, country attire doesn’t change much as music does as it expands into the rest of the world.  Mostly everyone seems to know and love to wear jeans but I will save that topic for another blog.  I decided to focus this blog on accessories for cowboys.  While accessories, such as jewelry, may not be the best thing to wear when riding horses for obvious reasons; when you’re out on the town impressing friends along with your new pair of cowboy boots, accessories work just fine.  These are a few pieces I found that may appeal to the rugged, country and ‘eastern’ cowboy.

King Baby 1

I’m a big King Baby fan because I feel that his pieces would appeal to the horseman and the motorcyclist.  I like this piece in particular because it has a natural, outdoorsy feel to it – being the wing of a bird made of ivory.

King Baby 2

Here is another piece by King Baby with a cross design.

King Baby 3

Again another King Baby piece – a bracelet.  I like this one because of the dragon face clip.

King Baby 5

This is a ring by King Baby and again this has the same type of appeal that the winged necklace above has – it seems to blend in with the natural lifestyle of the cowboy.

King Baby 6

Let me say I love turquoise and therefore this piece made my list.  Turquoise seems to be a very common gem worn in the country community and this may be because of its historical popularity among ancient shaman and warriors for its protective property.  This piece, again by King Baby reminds me of the warrior tradition, especially with the arrow imprints embedded into the gem.

John Hardy 1

Finally, I’m out of the King Baby Collection and on to the John Hardy collection.  This one is exciting because even though it is a dragonhead, it resembles a cow or bull head – an animal which is a staple in the country community.

John Hardy 2

This one is a great dog tag resembling a lizard or some sort of serpent-like creature – again a more natural emblem.

Stephen Webster 1

Last but not least, here is another piece by Stephen Webster.  It’s a simple cross but what makes it so exciting to me is this beautiful blue color behind the cross.  This blue is so crystal clear that it reminds me of the sky or natural rivers or creeks flowing in the countryside.

Image “Almost Home-Cowboy” by Persis Clayton courtesy of

Fashion photos by Mel.


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