NASCAR Inspired Style

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

NASCAR fever is upon us so I decided to do a fashion blog dedicated to it. No, I’m not a NASCAR fan – not yet at least. But, I made some New Year’s resolutions and aside from that rodeo that I mentioned to you before that I want to attend this year, I also want to attend a NASCAR race. Don’t give me that confused look. Horses, fast cars, horse power. You see where I’m going with all this? Ok me neither but I do want to be more open-minded and so going forward, I’m going to live life to the fullest, trying new things which won’t end in instantaneous death or injury. I’d much prefer to watch others risk fate and injure themselves all while chugging down some hot dogs and sipping on a Bud Light or three. That is all the adrenaline rush I need. Anyway, on to the point of this blog.

Every time I see NASCAR racers, they have on those neat racecar jackets or full body suits. As a men’s fashion consultant, I started wondering how I could translate that look into a more toned down, everyday look.
It’s only right to start with a cap. This is a critical requirement for any racecar driver. I chose a simple option but of course, you can get any hat you want – distressed; fresh-off-the-store-shelf team baseball cap; a lucky cap; or your favorite cap that you have never washed, complete with hair oils and other gross stains on it to your liking.


You’ve got to have some sunglasses. All cool people have them. They are like windshields for the face and you will definitely need protection from the wind as you glide smoothly through any crowd looking stunning as ever. I chose these by Gucci with the blue tint because they have a racecar driver quality about them. But do what floats your boat.


Now we are getting down to the bare essentials. This new Diesel shirt is just what you need. Throw on some light washed jeans with this and get your motors running. This chain-styled belt by Giuseppe Zanotti will help you get all cranked up and ready to go.


Don’t forget about these other accoutrements. You’ve got to have a watch so opt for this one by Movado. How else will you keep up with your own breakneck speed? And this anchor wristband by Miansai will help you “anchor” yourself from time to time when your speed gets out of control. And of course, you have got to smell good. Nothing beats a smooth, well-dressed, good-smelling man.

Last but not least, you have got to get some fly kicks like these by Del Toro. You can rock whichever ones you want but please make sure they are sharp. Don’t make me refer you to my previous blog about raggedy shoes! If you missed that one, then go back and take a look at it because it is critical for any man to read.
That concludes this blog. Now you are ready to win a race with this NASCAR inspired style option.

Fashion photos courtesy of Mel and



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