Stetson Man

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

Stetson is a brand of hat that originated in the 1800s mainly for the sophisticated cowboy. However, whenever I hear a reference to it, I always envision a man that is full control of his business and himself. Powerful. Confident. Intelligent. Handsome. Well-dressed. Stylish yet rugged. Healthy. Heroic. Family-oriented. Wealthy. These are the things that come to mind when I think about a Stetson man.

As I developed this blog, I not only tried to envision these traits. I also wanted to provide my readers with a glimpse into the Stetson man’s style of clothing. Below is what styles I decided would make up the “Stetson Man.”

First, every Stetson man will have to have a cowboy hat whether it is a Stetson hat or not. So, I went in search of cowboy hats and I found a few good options at the local store I told you about in a previous blog called High Plains located in Marietta, Georgia. They are connected to a larger group of western wear called Horsetown. Can you believe this city girl is learning so much about country things? Anyway, here is what they had:


After picking out the hat that you are going to wear from a cowboy outlet of your choice, you can see me for your other gear at Saks Fifth Avenue; or, you can opt for some similar outfits as these that I provide below. Start with:

Jeans & BeltJean Back

These jeans by AG are a new addition to the family. They are digital deluxe jeans, a light washed and slim fitting jean. Look at the distressed detail on the front and back of the jean great for a rugged outdoorsy man. To top it off, these jeans are very soft to the touch unlike most jeans, providing the agility that any cowboy needs. Combine this with a dark brown belt like this one by Diesel.

Black Theory Shirt

This black shirt by Theory adds to the simplicity of the Stetson man’s style.

King Baby Necklace

Top off this black shirt with this cross necklace by King Baby.

Miansi Bracelet

Some men wear wrist jewelry and if you are one of those men then opt for this simple design resembling a horseshoe by Miansai.

Bally Carrying Case

If you are a traveling man, then you have to have this essential item – a carrying case by Bally.

Ray Ban Aviators

Finish this suave style with a sophisticated pair of glasses such as these aviators by Ray-Ban.

The grand finale is to have a boot to make this outfit come together. Again, I discovered these boots below at the same place I found the cowboy hat. Ladies they had an awesome collection of women’s boots too but since I specialize in men’s fashion, I can’t talk about that here – but, check them out when you get a chance.




Fashion photos taken by Mel.

Male cowboys models (left to right) courtesy of,,

High Plains Western Wear store located at 349 N. Cobb Parkway, Marietta, Georgia 770-426-5111.  For more locations, visit their website:


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