Urb Ec


ATLANTA – Written by Mel

Graffiti. You see it almost everywhere in major cities across the world. Self-expression on buildings – though I don’t condone it if it is done illegally – is a realistic part of city living. But graffiti is not only an art that street kids developed out of boredom or malice. It is something that is as ancient as history itself.

Mankind has had a need to depict their artistic works on buildings in hopes that their art will last forever on these buildings and in some cases, these buildings from antiquity and the art have lasted forever.

The main photo above is a building that I saw on an outing a few weeks ago when I was visiting Little Five Points. Staring at the colors and the contrasts inspired me to write this fashion article which I have entitled “Urb-Ec.” This is a shortened version of the words “urban eclectic” which is a word that normally refers to a form of home design infusing a variety of styles, textures and colors to create an urban theme. If you follow me regularly, I mentioned in a previous blog that “urban eclectic” could become a style of clothing for Atlanta men due to the fact that there is a hodgepodge of people, cultures, and fashion styles here. Hence, Atlanta’s style sense could be considered “urban eclectic.” Keeping in line with that fashion theme, this “urb-ec” article draws upon a building that is very urban and eclectic, nestled in the artsy town of Little Five Points to drive the “urb-ec” fashion theme.

Start with this G-star raw t-shirt representing the iron bars that we see in the photo.
Incorporate these white jeans made by Joe’s – the white representing the highlights in the photo. Also because jeans are durable and long lasting, they could also represent the concrete present in the photo.


Add this new sports jacket by Hugo Boss which captures the essence of the brick wall that the art is depicted on.


And to finalize the look, add these cool blue loafers by Gucci which ties in the electric blue and red colors that are very apparent in the graffiti art.


So what does the “urb-ec” style look like all together?


Graffiti artists express their art on buildings. But Atlanta fellows can express their artistic side through exploring the Atlanta “urb-ec” fashion style.

Fashion photos courtesy of Mel.

Photo of Egyptians courtesy of http://bit.ly/1wRlXom

Photo of Akkadians courtesy of http://bit.ly/1AOP47o

Photo of Greeks courtesy of http://bit.ly/1EkswgT


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