It’s Going to Be “All White”

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

It’s that time of the year again to start preparing for all white parties.  My suggestion: start gathering your gear now because this is the season to purchase white clothes.  As a stylist for men’s fashion, I have had people come to me as late as October looking for clothes to wear for an all-white party.  Bad idea.  If you are going to a white party later this year, or you just want to have some all white gear on hand in case you get invited to a white party, gather your gear now – and avoid putting on or taking off weight before the event so that you can fit the outfit when the time comes.

Usually when people invite you  to an all white party, they mean “all white” or else you won’t be getting into the party.  So, let’s keep it simple and stick with all white.  The most important thing you can do is make sure that you have white bottoms and tops that match perfectly.  No criss crossing white-white with ivory or cream or other variations of white.  Uniformity is the key.

The hardest thing to find and the hardest thing to keep clean will be your shoes so start your hunt for a solid pair of white shoes first.  Most do a typical white sneaker but a white dress shoe can also work.  Aside from kicks, let’s take a look at some pant options for a white party.


These are a pair of protégé pants made by AG.  These are a good option soft to the touch.


These Hudson Blake pants are also a good option for those who are seeking the rugged feel of traditional jeans.


These Rag & Bone jeans are also a great option for those who are torn between wanting a stiff rugged jean and a soft pant option.  These fall somewhere in between.


This option too is a rugged pair of jeans from the popular brand 7 for all Mankind.

Aside from pants options, shirts will be critical.  Typically a white shirt will do but let’s look at a couple of shirt options.


This True Religion shirt will go quite will with the matching white True Religion jeans.


This is another great shirt option by Rag & Bone for those who need a collared dress shirt for a more formal event.


This is another fantastic combination – shirt and slacks by Hugo Boss – for those who desire a much more sophisticated look.

To top everything off, you can opt for a white baseball cap or this white fedora below.


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