High-End Blending

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

Let’s face it – fashion can become a highly addictive, expensive habit especially if you have a taste for the finer things in life. You, like most men, probably cannot buy a full wardrobe every time you shop. However, if you add these few accoutrements to your repertoire, you can make viewing audiences believe that you are balling; but only you know that you are balling on a budget.

High-end blending is a way to look good without going broke. This method of style is a little difficult for fellows because men are often scrutinized for what they wear and judged by it, especially when it comes to how much they pay for their clothing. However, you can pull this off if you focus on incorporating key high-end items into your wardrobe.

There are a few essential items that can give you the illusion of status or wealth. Try adding one piece at a time and gauge your audiences’ reaction to the new, high-end you.

Shoes are the ultimate status symbol for men. Broke shoes; broke man. Well-kept shoes; well-kept man. These are the assumptions that fly wildly through most people’s head when looking at a man’s feet. A great pair of high-end shoes could go a long way to make the rest of your wardrobe look amazing. Try these oxford captoe lace-ups by Salvatore Ferragamo  that go well with jeans or with a suit.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Neck-ties just have a way of improving a man’s outfit whether he is on the way to work or on the way to a business affair. In some cases, a fascinating tie can be one of the only things that someone remembers about your outfit. Make it classy by incorporating this tie by Hugo Boss that can be worn with a sports coat or suit jacket.

Hugo Boss Tie

A watch can really go a long way to make you appear wealthy whether you are strolling in your sweat suit on the way to the gym or dressed to kill at a social event. Try this watch by Movado that you can play up or play down.

Movado Watch

Cuff Links
Most guys like to grab a simple button-up dress shirt complete with button-ups on the wrist. Want to make people think you are wealthy enough to have your own family crest? Try incorporating these onyx cuff links by David Donahue. This small but essential piece can make your entire look appear polished and debonair.

David Donahue Cuff Links

The last ingredient in this high-end blend is one of the most essential of all. Have you ever been told that you smell like a ‘handsome’ gentleman? Well maybe not thus far but now you will if you incorporate this scent by Killian that will make women and animals go crazy for you.

Killian Cologne

Images courtesy of Saks.com


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