Urban Combat

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

For all of my fashion forward fellows out there, military fatigue clothing is making its rounds in the fashion world again.  But this time, you don’t have to suit up from head to toe in full fatigue gear in order to rep your military style.  Many brands are opting to include fatigue pattern into normal everyday wear so you can incorporate just a little of it into your overall ensemble.

I call this combination ‘Urban Combat’ which blends military fatigues with other fashionable high end pieces to create a look that is urban with a hint of soldier mixed in.

Start with these True Religion moto jeans that resemble concrete. . .

True Religion Moto Jeans

Add to these this green G-star tee that resembles the trees. . .

G-Star Army Green Tee

Put on another layer by adding this PRPS fatigue shirt which blends the colors of the pant and the tee into it helping you to blend perfectly with your urban surroundings. . .

PRPS Military Fatigue Shirt

Wrap it all up with this suede Saks Fifth Avenue belt that matches all of your upper gear perfectly. . .

Saks Fifth Avenue Brown Suede Belt

Top your whole outfit off with these new Versace sneakers that resemble combat boots and now you are ready for urban warfare.

Versace Sneakers

To the left.  Left-right-left!


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