Luxury Fashion for East Coast Cowboys


ATLANTA – Written by Mel

Cowboys tend to get a little dirty but that doesn’t mean that they can’t clean up well.  When you want to take off your utility clothing and show a little style, then opt to go for some high end pieces that show the world that cowboys can be rugged and have delectable swag, too.

Oft-times the cowboys east of the Mississippi get lost and forgotten but you too need some western fashion gear that caters to your east coast eccentricity. Not to mention, sometimes you need styles that show your sophistication not just that all-American prowess that cowboys usually embody.

When you are out searching for your upscale, western-styled gear, the most difficult part will be finding the right jean fit.  Most high-end fashion designers tend to have loads of slim and skinny fits.  Very few high-end jeans accommodate the cowboy who likes to wear cowboy boots with his jeans; but, there are a few vendors who do cut the jean leg in a straight or relaxed cut to allow your boots some wiggle room.   The jean in the photo above (left) is a Diesel straight leg fit and is a great option not only because the cut is adequate but also because the wash is very stylish.  This Robert Graham shirt featured in the photo is a great western styled look and is quite toned down from Robert Graham’s usual flamboyant shirt styles.  With this shirt, you can even go with a darker wash which will also look phenomenal with the variations of blue in this shirt. So, consider these straight leg jeans by 7 4 all mankind (right).

image    image

Hudson is another brand that makes great jeans with an all-American flavor to it.  Be sure to stick with the Byron Straight leg fit and stay away from slim fits unless you plan to wear your cowboy boot outside your jeans; or you plan to not wear cowboy boots at all.  This G-star shirt is an excellent choice because it incorporates the western style in the pockets and collar area.  (see shirt detail in the smaller photo)


The styles in the previous photos are casual but what if you don’t want to be too casual with your western style because maybe you want to go out for a night on the town with your cow-girl?  You can still stay true to your roots – your ‘jean-etics’ that is – by opting for this dressier jean ensemble featuring two more sophisticated cowboy shirts by G-star.  Pair one of these shirts up with some really nice white jeans like these made by Frame for those warm summer nights.


As a cowboy you can turn it up or keep it mellow smooth but let’s just say that you are one of those cowboys that  wants to turn it all the way down.  You may not want to wear your usual cowboy hat and boots but still want to show the world that simplistic all-American style that sets you apart in the fashion world.  Then opt for this ensemble above.  This style includes a baseball cap, a black button-up tee by Joe’s and another pair of straight-leg Diesel jeans with a spectacular vintage wash.





Your western outfit won’t be complete without some jewelry that is reflective of the natural lifestyle of the cowboy.  Traditionally turquoise pieces always steal the show when it comes to showing off your western style so opt for these great John Hardy selections seen above.  Other good options include the eagle head necklace and the eagle wing bracelet.


Add to your tasteful ensemble, this choice of fragrance – “Moscow” by Killian” – that can really add to the sultry sex appeal that most cowboys exude.




To top it all off, don’t forget to add the key things that make all cowboys the coolest dudes on the planet.  No I’m not talking about your horse.   What I’m talking about is throwing in some shade with these exciting aviator sunglasses by Mont Blanc along with a chic pair of cowboy boots and of course a cowboy hat!




Men’s fashion photos courtesy of Saks Atlanta Spring 2016 Collection taken by Mel.

Men’s Boots and Cowboy hat courtesy of Horsetown taken by Mel.


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