Atlanta Needs a Style Sense – Part II

Photo near the shops at Buckhead

ATLANTA – Written by Mel

A few years ago, I published a blog called Atlanta Needs a Style Sense?  This is a sequel to that article.  I hadn’t planned a sequel but after recently searching the internet for the top cities for fashion, I decided to write this.

No, I haven’t seen Atlanta on any of the top rankings, especially not in the top 25.  But these lists made me start wondering how can Atlanta get on this list.  After all, it is a new, diverse and culturally thriving city that could possibly gain attention for a lot of different positive reasons in the near future.  Why not get attention for becoming one of the new fashion capitals?

A few years ago, London was at the top of the fashion lists but it seems that Paris has taken the lead.  Some other favorites are still a part of this list such as New York, Los Angeles, and Barcelona.  But what makes these cities important fashion hubs?

Clearly size is probably a major factor.  I would also think that these places have a multitude of famous designers within their borders.  But I’m sure all of these top notch fashion cities were once either at the bottom of this list or not even on the list at all.

So how could Atlanta get on such a list?

Develop a style sense.

As I said before in my previous article, Atlanta has a hodgepodge of various style here and there is nothing wrong with that.  I even mentioned that such a melting pot of style could be termed Urb-Ec – short for Urban Ecclectic – which is a perfect term for the combination of different styles from around the world.

Become a much bigger culturally diverse city.

Atlanta is definitely getting bigger daily but it pales in comparison to big cities like New York, LA or Miami.  However, it is rapidly becoming significant.  The growing film industry may give the city the volume it needs.

Become home to designers.

Whenever I learn about designers, they seem to all be concentrated in New York, LA, London, and various places in Italy.  There are not many big name designers who actually reside here.  Don’t get me wrong, there are high end stores here, but having a greater concentration of top of the line designers living here – even if they have yet to be created – would begin to build the Atlanta fashion legacy.

Grow the fashion industry alongside the budding film industry.

This can represent a huge push upward in the fashion industry for Atlantans.  Most of the other film competitors in the region have thrown in the towel and Georgia has become the new kid on the block in film.  There is a lot of controversy brewing about whether this is a fly by night Hollywood experiment but I get the feeling that it is here to stay and it is growing quite rapidly.  If indeed this trend continues, then I foresee a lot of fashion icons being born here alongside the film industry.  After all, film production companies will need costume makers.  This could lead to up and coming fashion legends.

Attract artsy types.

If you take a look at the list above, you will see that most of these places are cultural hubs.  Usually cultural hubs tend to be places that attract artsy types.  If you ask me, I think fashion and art go hand in hand and if Atlanta starts to attract a very healthy art community, then this along with the film industry could really give the fashion industry the boost that it needs.

Only time will tell if Atlanta will be able to develop a strong enough fashion industry to be ranked on these fashion lists and not only rank but also be in the top quartile.  Certainly, the right infusion of these aforementioned objectives could definitely boost this possibility.  Until then, Atlantans will have to keep looking to these top-notch cities for inspiration.

Just what do you think Atlanta could do to position itself as a fashion city? Post your comments below and…


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